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Traditional Paintings by Christopher Miszczak


The Full Story

A few short years ago, I had a painting business called, and for many years, I sold paintings across Canada, the US, and even as far away as Australia. Eventually, this business came to an official end in 2020 when Covid hit, and it caused much stress that killed my motivation to continue painting.

Eventually, I would find the motivation to get my life moving again. I would return to school, earn a degree, network with amazing people, and find a way to move on.

The goal is to combine a passion for art with science and healthcare communications. This is a passion that I have always had, and creating paintings inspired by science and healthcare has been a goal a long time in the making. Therefore, I am rebranding my old painting business under a new name - Miszczakcreative.

If you are interested in seeing future paintings, being a part of a new business, news for upcoming events, and fantastic news in the world of art. Please provide your email below to subscribe to this forthcoming new venture.

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