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So last year I created a painting inspired off of Star Wars and Rene Magritte's Son of Man painting.  The painting of a man with an apple over his face with a bowler hat, my own interpretation of that painting was to create something very similar but instead of using an apple to use a storm trooper helmet.

In my own way of looking at it, it was a different way of looking at something that could be considered classical art. In its own way, it was powerful, simple, iconic and it spoke to a lot of people.

in previous years I also participated in an event called Artrageous Tech.0 which featured people across the technology industry and I donated this painting for this event. During the event, it was abundantly clear that this was a powerful idea and something worth recreating.

Thus the idea for this collection, this series of painting was born. The entire collection could be called the "Sons of the new republic" considering that the last painting that was made I called the "Son of the republic"

This is the third in that series of paintings created, featuring the same type of idea but on a smaller scale. Painted in Acrylic Paint and using a tiny amount of glitter to emphasize the highlight and the eyes, there is a certain dimension, quality and personality to these paintings which in its own way makes them very unique.

A painting like this will bring any room to life, from office, to bedroom, to dorm room. A Painting like this will bring any household to life, bring a little uniqueness and personality to any room, to any wall.

This particular painting was done on a 16" by 20" stretched canvas and is very light. If needed it could even hang on a thumbtack.

Inverted Version

  • The painting is suprisingly light and can hang on a thumbtack if absolutely necessary. Only one of these paintings will ever exist, so if you are interested in owning it, purchase it today!

    This particular painting was done on a 16" by 20" stretched canvas

    Medium is Acrylic Paint.

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