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This last painting has an interesting story among the others which all share the similar origin of being a reinterpretation of Rene Magrite's Son of Man Painting (Guy with the apple over his face and wearing a bowler hat) but instead with an open suit, shirt and a stormtrooper helmet creating a new type of painting which is powerful, iconic, nostalgic and everything that makes a great painting, a great painting.

But this one takes influence from yet another traditional painting, this time by Edouard A Bar at the Folies-Bergère painting so anyone that knows their art will know the painting of a young woman staring at you from a bar, with the reflection of the bar behind her, from the point of view of a man with a top hat.

But even for those that are not well versed in the history of arts, this painting still speaks volumes because it shows that same type of image and engages with the viewer in a very unique and personal way.

This time showing Rene Magritte's Son of Man, starring down my interpretation of the son of the republic at a bar, greatly influenced by Edouard Manet's A bar at Folies-Beregère. There is no question, that this painting among all of the others is the center piece of this series of paintings that I have created and dubbed "Son's of the new republic"

This painting is not only exceedingly unique, but will bring any Star Wars Lover or Fine Art Lovers Home to life! Just imagine the conversation centered around this painting at your next dinner party, BBQ or get-together!

The painting itself was done on a 18" by 24" stretched regular canvas, and is pretty light. It has been hung up before using only a thumbtack, so if necessary that could be done.

Mos Eisley Cantina

  • The painting is suprisingly light and can hang on a thumbtack if absolutely necessary. Only one of these paintings will ever exist, so if you are interested in owning it, purchase it today!

    The painting itself was done on a 18" by 24" stretched regular canvas.

    Medium is Acrylic Paint.

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