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This painting, along with the rest in the series where all inspired by the same idea. Specifically the painting that I made in 2017, inspired off of Rene Magritte's Son of Man painting that I donated to be sold in Auction at the Artrageous Tech.0 event.

All of these paintings, including this one have drawn influence from the painting of the man with an apple over his face with a Bowler hat, but instead to feature a storm trooper Helmet. To create a new type of painting with its own iconic presence and personality.

This painting featured the same idea, but in a full body pose featuring the same type of idea of a person in an open, casual suit with a storm trooper helmet on, but this time in a pose and type of character that permeates this feeling of questioning and wonder.

This particular painting, in accordance with the other in the series of "Sons of the new republic" definitely has its own voice and unique personality among the others.

This particular painting, very inspired by the first Iron Man Movie when the narrator says, "The fall of an empire" that one moment always really captured my imagination.

This painting was done in Acrylic Paint and was done on a 19.5" by 39" stretched canvas. This painting too, is very light and could even hang on a thumbtack if necessary.

The fall of an empire

  • The painting is suprisingly light and can hang on a thumbtack if absolutely necessary. Only one of these paintings will ever exist, so if you are interested in owning it, purchase it today! The painting itself was done on a 18" by 24" stretched regular canvas.Medium is Acrylic Paint.

    The painting itself was done on a 19.5" by 39" stretched canvas.

    Medium is Acrylic Paint.

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