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Psychology in a nutshell

To provide a brief update on what has been happening recently on my end, there has been a family medical emergency that has taken a lot more time than was anticipated initially towards the projects I had in mind to complete. The next big project I had in mind for this blog, in particular, was to create a more in-depth research article on the study of laughter. So I looked further into the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland, and how endorphins are released along with their primary benefits. The list of these benefits and the study of laughter is extensive. I was not expecting a family emergency to last as long as it did, taking time away from this blog and the idea for this project. The actual primary purpose of this blog was to illustrate what I am capable of as a cartoonist, especially when I discovered that several cartoonists specialize in science, healthcare, and medicine, providing that essential laughter and levity needed, in my opinion – in a very highly stressful environment. I cannot help but respect these artists for what they do. After years of illustrating cartoons myself, I could not help but realize that I already possessed many of the tools, experience, and passion these cartoonists incorporate. Thus, I wanted to join them. It is still mind-boggling to believe how far I have come in the past year, accomplishing a professional designation in the Association of Medical Illustrators—working with my first client and completing a big project. So why not dedicate time to cartoons? Except for when things come up like a sick family member, that kind of breaks the routine. For that, I do apologize and hope to be able to pick up the project again at a later time.

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