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The interest was always there

It is always hard to decide where the story begins, its either when my father taught me how to go fishing, or when I visited my grandfather in the hospital. When I am thinking back to my earliest memories, there are two predominant interests. Medicine, and Art and since then it seems that life has always been swinging between these two interests. For a long time I have leaned into the arts, from the web-comic, to studying graphic design, to working in that field for over 10+ years.

Even when I went to University, even though I considered myself a pre-med my favorite memory was as the Illustrations Editor for the UWO Gazette. It was there that I fell in love with communications, graphic design, and illustration all in one place. My interest in science never really felt compromised - what was nice was that then and there I would draw comics that have been inspired by medicine and healthcare in some way.

At this stage, even though I have two college degrees, a lifelong career in the arts, and all the trappings of a life devoted to healthcare communications. I am contemplating if a place should exist online for all of the comics that I have made thus far that have been inspired by healthcare and medicine.

Should I be focusing on a new venture? A new web-comic that is devoted to making people who work in healthcare laugh? Just as much as i want to dedicate the rest of my career to healthcare communications - is this the next logical step? Considering the interest and passion for cartoons, the arts, the written word and healthcare?

For anyone reading this, what do you think? Does this idea have potential?

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